Saturday, 04 July 2020 | 21:45 WIB

Antalya: Archeologists Discover Bones of Huge Mammal in Turkey

Antalya: Archeologists Discover Bones of Huge Mammal in Turkey (wikimedia)

ANTALYA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Archaeologists have discovered the bones of 350,000-year-old animal during an excavation at Karain Cave, Antalya Province, in southern Turkey.

"We found the ribs, teeth, and the skeleton of a large mammal," said Prof. Harun Taskiran from the Department of Archeology, Ankara University, as reported by Anadolou.

"This year, we have found the hip bones, jaw, and tooth of a huge animal, a jaw and a tooth," said Taskiran, head of excavations at Karain Cave, to Anadoolu.

"This has not been proven [scientifically], but it may be the bones of elephant, rhinoceros, or hippos, we do not know the species yet. The experts will try to find," said Taskiran, adding that they also found the bones of other animals in the same area.

According to him, like other cave excavations, the dug soil has been brought to an excavation facility with buckets to be cleaned and then processed again with three different methods of sieving.

He said every discovery, even the smallest remnants, gave us "access to new information about the past." Taskiran underlines the importance of Karain Cave excavations in revealing the history of Antalya and Anatolia.

"Thanks to the excavations at Karain Cave, we have recorded the history of Antalya 500,000 years earlier, there are 500,000 years old remains here," he said.

The first human Neanderthal bones have also been found in the cave. For this reason, the cave is really important for Turkey.