Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 14:11 WIB

The Three White Lies Women Usually Say

The Three White Lies Women Usually Say (illustration: pixnio)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - There is a term called lying for a good cause, which means that not all lies are bad. At times, people are forced to lie to keep others happy.

This is done usually for the sake of maintaining feelings or avoiding hurting your feelings.

Behavior of lying for good is also commonly found in interpersonal relationships, to couples or to the people closest to them.

Usually in a relationship, a woman lies to maintain the feelings of her partner, and has hopes for the relationship to not run into problems.

As reported from various sources, especially about personal relationships, usually there are 3 lies that are often said by women.

Here are the usual words that women tell when lying for good in a relationship.

I am fine

This is a phrase that is often expressed to show that you are in trouble. That the thing you face makes you feel uncomfortable and disappointed. If you say this know, if you're there and need support.

I do not mind you going with other women

If you say this you are actually feeling uncomfortable and disturbed by your partner’s closeness with other women. When you have a relationship with a man, then you hope there is no other woman besides you in your spouse's life.

So when you say there’s no problem for him to go with another woman, in actuality, you do not like to see him close to other women.

No need to worry too much

You want to look strong in front of him, but actually when you say so you hope he watches you. You also do not want to make him worry too much, duh you really are not okay and hope he supports you and is near you right now.

Trying to make other people happy is good, but that does not mean you should always lie. Learn to be honest and tell the truth. Although bitter, honesty is much better than a lie. The key to the success of a relationship is honesty and mutual openness.