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How You Take Selfies May Show Your Personality

How You Take Selfies May Show Your Personality (visitlondon)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The culture and habit of doing selfies is now booming along with the rapid development of information technology.

Every women and men of all ages have conducted selfies to capture important moments or just take pictures.

Summarized from Times of India, it turns out the selfie style by some people reflects the personality of the person. So recognize the following photo styles to find out what kind of personality you have when taking selfies.

Couple Selfie

For those who like to do selfie with a partner means he is a person who is proud to his partner. They also like to show their affection in public.

Selfie while on Vacation

Those who selfie while on vacation means likes to capture those exciting moments. In addition, they sometimes also like to make others jealous.

Selfie with Filter

This is mostly done by millenials today. Those who often selfie with filters tend to have less confidence and always want to look perfect in the eyes of others.

Selfie While doing Sports

Those who like to take selfies while at the gym or exercising tend to have more confidence. They also like to show off their bodies to get praise from others.

Selfie With Friends

People who often berselfie ria with their friends means having an easy going and open nature. They also have an outgoing nature that makes them have many friends.

Makeup Selfie

Those who selfie with full makeup mean want to be viewed as an expert in the makeup. In addition, they also tend to always want to look beautiful in the eyes of others.

No Makeup Selfie

Meanwhile, people who like to show off their selfie without makeup means he is a confident person and dare to look what it is.

Selfie with Sexy Clothes

Those who love selfie by wearing sexy clothes usually have a high confidence with his own body. They also like the praise devoted to their bodies.