Saturday, 06 March 2021 | 00:30 WIB

Four Tips for Parents on Introducing Digital Technology to Children

Four Tips for Parents on Introducing Digital Technology to Children (dailymail)

KUALA LUMPUR, NNC - Dr. Mira Kartiwi, Associate Professor at International Islamic University Malaysia, has provided several tips for parents to help children in preparing for the digital world.

The first tip, says Mira Kartiwi, is by educating by example.

"Learn about the technology trends that are commonly used by teenagers today. Try to have a child-owned social media and be a silent friend or follower so as not to embarrass their children.Talk to children about their errors offline,” she said.

The second tip, says Mira, is understanding the consequences of using technology.

"Ask yourself whether the technology is appropriate to the age of the child, is there any privacy settings, whether unknown person may contact our child? Can I see any comments or other user reviews. Make a healthy internet agreement with child," he said.

The third tip, according to Mira is to understand the crimes that can occur when using technology.

"The Internet is a public forum. Cyberbulling, cyberstalking and hacking is a form of crime that causes it often is the victim or the environment itself," she said.

In the fourth tip, Mira suggests communicating routinely with children. The last tip, she suggests is to focus on the attitude and not on the technology used.