Saturday, 06 March 2021 | 00:14 WIB

How Parents Should Communicate to Children in the Digital Age

How Parents Should Communicate to Children in the Digital Age (boldsky)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Intensive communication between parents and children plays an important role in the process of children’s character building.

Psychologist Reni Kusumowardhani said parents should intensify communication with their children. Parents should also know the science of good communication. Intensive communication patterns are needed in the digital age to win the hearts of children from the effects of handheld gadgets that attract children’s attention.

Reni there are various reasons why children really love gadgets. "They love gadgets and the internet because it has interactive nature, easy to find information, lots of games, friendliness, and will not get angry when we're annoyed, it looks so amazing and fun.Games and the internet are now great friends for kids," Reni said.

To that end, she encourages parents to intensify communication with children and become "friends" that are fun for their children. To form a child's character, the family must create a quality environment. "In essence, to build the character of children must start from a quality family," said Reni.

Reni added that parents should have quality time for their children. "In addition, adults must be able to make communication and be a role model by first becoming a noble parent," said Reni.