Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 10:54 WIB

Tanta Ginting Reveals Reason for US Wedding

Tanta Ginting and Denalta Eunike.

JAKARTA, NNC - Actor Tanta Ginting confirmed his marraige to Denalta Eunike. The news of the marriage between Tanta Ginting and Denalta Eunike went public after actress Adinda Thomas posted a photo of the wedding on her Instagram account (@adindathomas).

"Yeah, I'm newly married, right," said Tanta Ginting, in Blok M, Jakarta, Monday (6/18/2018).

The March 25 wedding was held in Texas, United States. So, why did they get married in the United States and not in Indonesia?

Asked about the subject, Tanta Ginting said the wedding was deliberately held in the United States because most of his family live there.

"The wedding was planned fast. We would like it to happen in Indonesia, but my family happens to be in the US," said Tanta Ginting.

"Finally we decided to have the wedding over there. So it was difficult to let everyone knows. Finally, it was just our close families," continued Tanta Ginting

Asked whether Tanta Ginting will have another wedding reception in Jakarta, he said he has no plan to do so. "I do not think so," Tanta Ginting replied. "I already had our closest families, like siblings and parents. So I think that’s enough,” he said.