Wednesday, 28 October 2020 | 04:07 WIB

Seven Interesting Facts from The Nun

A scene from The Nun (esquire)

JAKARTA, NNC - Horror movie enthusiasts who have seen The Conjuring are already familiar with the diabolical ghost named Valak. Valak is a ghost dressed as a nun, and is the main antagonist in the movie.

Due to the popularity of Valak, Warner Bros decided to make a spinoff for the ghost to introduce the mysterious story of Valak's origins. The spinoff movie is titled The Nun, and is scheduled to be released in theaters worldwide this September.

While waiting for the premiere of this movie, let us discuss seven scary facts related to The Nun movie:

1. The Movie was Shot at an Old Military Fort in Romania

Shooting of The Nun started on February, 2017, and took 27 weeks to complete. Most of the scene shooting was conducted at an old military fort in Romania. The movie's shooting location was used as background for the location of investigating Valak's death.

2. Adapted from a True Story

The name of Valak is adopted from mythology. However, the character of Valak depicted in the movie is not the Valak in the form of a small child with wings riding on a horse. Instead, the character of Valak in The Conjuring was changed to become a ghost. This was inspired from the story of paranormal Lorraine Warren, who experienced being haunted by a ghost in a veil.

3. Controversial

The depicting of Valak in a nun's dress had stirred controversy and criticism, particularly from the Catholic Church of the United States. They deemed that nuns should be depicted as ghosts.

4. The History of Valak's Death

The Nun will explore the story of a young nun named Irene who was sent by the Vatican Church to Romania. The nun was sent to Romania to investigate the suicide of a Nun, which happened under mysterious circumstances years ago. It was reported that Irene had seen the ghostly figure of the nun since she was a child. Irene begins the investigation accompanied by a priest.

5. Handled by a Famous Director

One of the most interesting fact from The Nun is the involvement of big name players in the Holywood industry. One of the big names is Corin Hardy, well known for his excellent directing of horror movie The Hallow in 2015.

The Nun is also produced by legendary horror producer James Wan, who produced notable horror movies such as Saw, Insidious, and The Conjuring. Other notable players involved in the The Nun are Peter Safran--producer of The Conjuring and Annabelle, and Gary Dauberman who is also the scenario writer. Gary also wrote the scenario for IT horror movie last year.

6. The Movie Had Been Given the title "Story of Valak"

The Nun had earlier been given the title Story of Valak. However, James Wan deemed that the title was not too attractive. He then decided to change the title to The Nun, a shorter title that sounds more mysterious that the previous title.

7. The Story's Background Uses Classical Horro Theme

The background of The Nun is set in the year 1952. The setting in the movie is designed as real as possible to depict conditions in Romania in 1952.

Director Corin Hardy said the cinematography of The Nun used classical horror style. Hence, that is why the director chose to shoot the movie at an old military fort that is haunted.