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Jakarta Set to Host 2018 World Music Festival on December

Jakarta Set to Host 2018 World Music Festival on December (special)

JAKARTA, NNC - The 2018 World Music Festival (WMF) 2018 music event will be held in Jakarta, on 8.9, and 11 December 2018. The event, which will be one of the best music festivals of the year, will be held through a collaboration of MD Media, promotor company Original Production, and

WMF 2018 will be packaged in a more interesting concept, which is a combination of several musical genres, ranging from pop, rock, jazz, R & B, art culture, reggae, dance music, to the collaboration of cross-generation music. So, it is hoped that through music will be able to unite the entire nation.

"No matter what the favorite music genre is, people can gather and unite through a music concert that we present," said CEO Jenny Confido, as quoted from a written statement received by NNC on Thursday (11/15).

Meanwhile, MD Media as the organizer of various types of digital events, including music shows, will present a concert atmosphere full of digital touches, including the ticketing process.

"MD Media is developing this new business portfolio to support existing businesses, namely activation, digital advertising, and big data," said President Director of MD Media Syaifuddin.

This music festival will be filled by international musicians, such as Fire House, MLTR, and Earth Wind and Fire, which are legendary music groups. They will perform with millennial musicians, including introducing Indonesian culture to the world.

"The legendary music groups will perform together with millennial artists / musicians, including elevating the art culture of Indonesian culture to the world," said the CEO of Original Production Tommy Pratama.

In addition, there will also be a number of Indonesian musicians across generations and genres, such as Gigi, D'Masiv, Krakatau Reunion, Reza Artamevia, Remdy Pandugo, Vina Panduwinata, and others.

It is expected that the presence of WMF 2018 is expected to host artists or musicians who are loved by fans of their time so that they can continue working in the current era.