Tuesday, 15 October 2019 | 06:59 WIB

The Five Cool Features of Anak Sehat Android Application

illustration: mobile application (greeners)

JAKARTA, NNC - Technological advances also have a positive side that can be useful for life. This includes an android application made for children's health. This android application is named Anak Sehat.

This application will help the mother's pregnancy process, such as maternal health calculation, as well as interesting game features that provide education for a clean living and healthy lifestyle.

The following features are included in the Anak Sehat android application:

1. Mother's Features

In this feature you can complete, view, or update your personal data. Remember, the data entered here has an effect on the calculation of maternal health later.

2. Pregnancy Register Feature

In this feature all menus about complete pregnancy are available starting from the Pregnancy Detailed Page, Pregnancy Examination Form, and Pregnancy Examination Results. Make sure you fill in all data correctly so you can get accurate pregnancy health analysis results.

3. Children's features

On this page you can input child data, complete and update it. there is an added button if you have more than one child.

In the Child feature there is also a Child Form page, Child Details, Child Examination List, Child Examination Form, Child Examination Results, Immunization History, and Immunization Form. Fill in the data correctly in order to get accurate results of the child's health analysis.

4. Promotional Features

You can see various interesting information in the form of videos, infographics, and documents related to the development of scientific research about stunting children and stunting distribution throughout Indonesia.

5. Games Features

There are some interesting games that educate about clean living and healthy lifestyle.