Thursday, 12 December 2019 | 14:19 WIB

Here are the Five Brilliant and Smart Zodiac Signs

Here are the Five Brilliant and Smart Zodiac Signs (illustration: boldsky)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Have you ever had a friend who likes to spend time learning and reading all kinds of books? Or your friends really prefer to go to the library than you take to a shopping center?

Yes, spending most of your time studying and reading books will obviously add to knowledge, apart from magazines, newspapers, documentaries or in any other way. Both are deposits of knowledge, that is what we can conclude. But have you ever wondered how they can speak with all reason and all knowledge?

Apparently, Astrology has the answer. People who are included in the five zodiac signs are indeed believed to be intelligent and diligent in learning, as reported by the Boldsky page.


Gemini, is the most logical mind carrier and can quietly become an observer. They talk less and have fewer friends. They enjoy all the work but don't like wasting time when they get an investment.

They choose to be smarter than to be a waste of time, they call it when they see people gossiping.


Mercury regulates its mark, Virgo. They pay attention, catch, and remember facts and figures. Let them know once and the information is stored in their memory. When asked by the teacher, Virgo always had the answer. Maybe that's what motivates them to study hard. Known as perfectionists, they store chronologically neat facts and figures in their brains.


Librans is not free as a hyper-smart and nerdy. Sometimes they look superficial, but only once you know them well can you realize that they are the brain. It's just that they are not interested in every subject you offer them. Sometimes, they might even decide not to talk about facts they know to be true just to avoid fighting, because they value peace. So, they rarely "squash their brain power on anyone's face", only talking when needed and right.


These brains, who like to explore in all possible ways, have an interest in all the subjects available to them. Unlike Librans, they can continue to say facts, discuss theories and sometimes even show off their knowledge. Who cares about what the world thinks! In fact, they like to lead conversations and don't care whether those who sit there are interested or not. Where did the trust come from? Yes, that's from the authenticity of the arguments they put forward.


Yes, how can we miss Capricorn! Winners in every debate, career-oriented students and goal-oriented leaders, Capricorn is a person who is diligent in learning and intelligent in terms of books. Ask them questions from any chapter of this book, they will answer even when the chapter has not been done in class. Show them certain text and they will tell which chapter it belongs to. Ask them the main headline that day, they will tell the main headers along with the channel and the time. In one word, they mean business, until they are really tired.