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These Six Zodiac Signs Can Become the Best Fathers

These Six Zodiac Signs Can Become the Best Fathers (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Have you ever wondered how good you are when you become a father? Does the thought of being a father often make you feel empowered? Does thinking about having fun with your child also make you crazy? Well, whatever your imagination about you being a father, astrology can help make your predictions and thoughts on fatherhood.

Although there is no perfect definition of father, and more about the mutual understanding of the child and his father, people from several zodiac signs are closer to truly being appreciated by their children because of their 'fatherly qualities'. What are the zodiac signs? Read on, as reported by Boldsky.


Taurus is patient. Even though it is very difficult to deal with them when they are angry, such anger rarely happens to them. So patience is responsible for helping them tolerate 'everything that makes sense and makes no sense at all' from their children.

Another quality that makes Taurus a perfect father, is the strength of their strong will. Just like the bulls who work hard, they will do whatever the situation requires, for their children.


Expect a Cancerian to know all the values ​​that their families teach with certainty. They like a set of special values ​​for their family identity. They want their children to respect those values. They also know how such good values ​​and qualities must be transferred from a father to a child. Because of this, they appear to be perfect father figures.


Leo is the king of the forest. The position of the king and the characteristics that exist with the position of the king come naturally to a Leo. They try to offer every safety and protection to their children. They find it difficult to say 'no' when their children want something.

However, discipline is the only quality they want in return for their children. They (Leo) take care of the rest.


Librans wants to see peace and happiness around him. They could not see people not happy about the problem that could be solved by him. What's more, when it comes to their own children. Librans are also emotional. All of these qualities make Libran the person who fulfills almost every wish of their child.


Often hear that Capricorn is aware of a career? True enough, but their families are one of the main reasons why they go to work every day. They want to make every dream ever seen with family come true. Ambitious and emotional at the same time, Capricorn may choose work rather than family, but in the end they do it for the family. Also, their work ethic is affected by their children.


Piscean is proven to be the perfect father because they are expressive and can connect with their children. They revealed all the love held by a father's heart for his children. It builds trust, which is a fundamental element of the relationship between a father and his children. Children also learn to prioritize the needs of their loved ones, as learned from their father.