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Indonesian Rapper Iwa K Launches New Collaboration Single

Indonesian Rapper Iwa K Launches New Collaboration Single (instagram)

JAKARTA, NNC - The legendary Indonesian rapper, Iwa K, launched a collaborative hip-hop single titled "Beda" with record label Manna Records.

Iwa said this single contained the importance of being based on love and also the identity of the archipelago to humanize humans in living diversity.

"I personally feel that diversity is an extraordinary treasure given by the Almighty. The difference becomes beautiful if we are able to understand it," Iwa said in a press release received by Antara in Jakarta on Wednesday (03/13/2019).

"Different" is called different from the previous Iwa songs because the music and beat of the song are outside the Iwa K. rap style.

The challenge still made him enjoy the process of making the song "Different".

Manna Records chose a young rapper Mario Zwinkle to duet with Iwa K on the single.

Bona Palma, one of the founders of the record label, said, "We see the presence of Mario Z in this song can project the spirit of the song" Beda "itself, namely a different rapper from Kang Iwa, different generations, different styles, but with quality and ability great rap. We believe Mario Z is the next big thing in the Indonesian rap world. "

Mario Zwinkle feels proud to be able to collaborate with Iwa K who is his idol, although there are some challenges that must be faced during the song making process.

"The instrumental and beat of music in the song 'Beda' is different from what I used to do, and this is my first project with all parties including Iwa K," Mario said, hoping the music could be received by listeners.

The single "Different" was released on March 11 because on that date a SUPERSEMAR document was published. Manna Records and Iwa K want to give a new meaning to the word SUPERSEMAR as Eleven March Letter of Unity.

Manna Records is a subsidiary of MannaInc, a post-house audio company that focuses on music scoring for TV, digital, radio and film advertisements. This label was established by Bona Palma, Panji Ekaputra, Adi Siagian, and Haruchika Setiadi.