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The Four Least Reliable Zodiac Signs You Need to Know

The Four Least Reliable Zodiac Signs You Need to Know (andmeeting)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- We often meet several people who are asked for help, but all we get is an apology from them for not being able to help on time.

Sometimes they claim to be too busy. Or sometimes, they just don't finish the job assigned to them, and eventually prove to be unreliable. Does their attitude irritate you? Does that confuse you who should depend and who doesn't?

So how do we find out? Yes, of course, it cannot be predicted just by looking at their faces, whether they will complete the task given or provide the necessary assistance on time or not.

However, astrologers claim that it can be known by knowing the person's zodiac sign. Yes, it is believed that people from certain zodiac signs are the least reliable.

Here are 4 zodiac signs which according to Astrology cannot be relied upon as quoted from Bold Sky.


Gemini, of course, one on the list. He might play online games with you and might give a sign of "like" in all of your social media posts, but that's all Gemini will do for you.

Geminis often claim to be too busy and hence, the reason they might not be interested in chatting with you even for the smallest reasons. And what's more likely is that when they like your posts and play online games, they might do this while other tasks go together.


Not for the first time we told them that Sagittarius likes to get out as much as they hate to be in four walls of a house. And that's what makes them too busy to meet you. Yes, it's the same as you don't mean anything to them.

Even though you may be one of their dear friends, they feel comfortable spending their own time.


As always, the clear Capricorn is always busy and really busy without a doubt. They are workaholics so planning a meeting with them seems too difficult. But the good thing is that busy Capricorns won't expect that from you either. What's more, every time you meet them online, they will show pleasure in being able to meet you. However, they are too busy to meet you offline.


Well, in the case of Aquarius, it's because they prefer to forget simple things. For example, they might not even read your message, or not reply after reading it. This is because, there is something more important when they read your text. The most interesting part is that they might even forget that they have replied to your message.