Monday, 13 July 2020 | 14:35 WIB

Victoria Beckham: David Did Not Like Some of the Clothes I Wear

David and Victoria Beckham (cosmopolitan)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Victoria Beckham's husband, David Beckham, once admitted that he hated some of his wife's clothes.

The former Spice Girls member who switched to becoming a fashion designer told a story about her relationship that had been established for 22 years with David Beckham.

During an interview with the Financial Times, Victoria described an incident in which she gave her husband a loving compliment but was not returned by David.

"Someone asked if I like how David dressed. And I said:" I think you look great in everything. "Because he did," she explained.

"And then I asked David: 'Do you like the way I dress?" "And here I am thinking: I have this. I married David Beckham, but of course he will like the way I dress," she continued.

"And then he said:‘ Well, now that you mention it, why are you wearing jumpers with that big arms? And why are you wearing loose pants like that? "Victoria laughed.

"Beckham didn't like it."

The former pop star also received a number of criticisms of herself with David regarding Beckham's Brand.

"Me and David, love it or hate it, we both work very hard," he said. "We always work very hard. Getting success is one thing, maintaining it is a completely different thing. "

When asked if it was true that he only took a week off after giving birth to daugher Harperin 2011, she laughed and admitted that it was far less.

"Let me tell you. I was still in the hospital. I couldn't feel my legs because of the bloody epidural, and I was asked to approve the lookbook image. So, I didn't have much rest. But it's hard when you have your own business," Victoria explained , as reported by Wenn.