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LG Launches PH1 Portable Speaker

LG Launches PH1 Portable Speaker (lgelectronicsindonesia)

JAKARTA,NETRALNEWS.COM - LG Electronics Indonesia introduces its newest portable speaker, LG PH1. Although it is intended to target a broad market, LG PH1 is said to bring innovation that focuses on providing more convenience to function as an audio music amplifier and connectedness with a smartphone as an incoming voice amplifier.

"LG PH1 comes with innovations that bring new alternatives that make it more versatile amidst the increasingly widespread need to enjoy favorite music that can be carried in various activities," said LG Electronics Indonesia Home Marketing Product Gloria Mariawaty, in a press release on Tuesday (2/4/2019).

Gloria said that the speaker is coupled with a special design that makes audio output can be enjoyed bette. The breadth of connectivity with an integrated microphone built-in is in the ranks of its flagship features.

Leaving behind the shape that is commonly used on portable speakers, the LG PH1 appears with a tube-like design with the sound amplifier part at the top which is more conical. This special design is said to ensure LG PH1 can deliver better sound to its users.

Even though portable speakers are more aimed at personal use with a one-way position, but the commonly used design often requires users to adjust the position facing the speaker to get a strong audio. "With the position of the sound amplifier above, it ensures that the sound remains good from various user sides around the speaker, and enables sound to move freely around LG PH1 without experiencing noise quality disturbances," Gloria said.

Besides that, the LG PH1 was developed with a built in microphone. Its presence makes connecting with smart-phones through Bluetooth connections will be able to make LG PH1 as an incoming voice amplifier.

It provides better comfort, connectedness with the smartphone to answer this call and the function as an audio amplifier to listen to music can be active simultaneously. "When the call happened in the middle of enjoying the song, the music will stop. But once the call is terminated, the music will turn back on automatically, "said Gloria Mariawaty.