Friday, 04 December 2020 | 02:48 WIB

LG Introduces Cinematic Experience Using AI

LG Introduces Cinematic Experience Using AI (lgelectronicsindonesia)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Departing from the family lounge, LG brings two categories of premium-class TVs that are ready to become the new idol of the family entertainment center. Coupled with widening the OLED TV portfolio through the presence of series 9, LG also introduced its premium UHD TV category with the name NanoCell TV.

Dimas Raditya, Head of Product Marketing for the LG Electronic Indonesia RAC, explained that infinite contrast color reproduction on OLED TVs comes through a screen with each pixel producing its own lighting without a backlight, NanoCell TV also has an equally special panel innovation.

Although developed based on LEDs that have backlighting, LG innovated by applying a special layer with a uniform diameter of around one nanometer that filled the TV panel. This special coating on NanoCell TV functions to absorb the excess color waves that make the TV unable to produce color according to the original content.

"LG ThinQ's form on LG's premium TV series comes through the development of artificial intelligence (AI) with the support of the latest processor named α (Alpha) Gen 2. The intelligence location of this second generation LG processor is in a special algorithm with deep learning that gives support for enhancing the visual and audio side to provide a more comprehensive cinematic experience, "Dimas explained.

He added on the visual side, stocking millions of databases related to various visual information, Alpha Gen 2 processors were able to recognize various quality content originating and then work with the best choice of methods in optimizing impressions on the screen. With a special sensor, the processor is also able to measure the level of illumination of space as a basis for optimizing screen brightness and repairing image detail in the required part.

"This capability ensures that the eye captures various shows comfortably in changing lighting conditions," said Julius, Head of Product Marketing at Home Entertainment, LG Electronics Indonesia.

The ability to optimize different brightness levels adjusts to these lighting settings and is present when playing High Dynamic Range (HDR) content. As a supporter, LG still maintains Dolby Vision technology in this newest premium TV line.
n the audio sector, the LG Alpha Gen 2 processor algorithm works to increase the listening satisfaction of its users. One of them is by offering richer shades of sound with a virtual increase in the 5.1 surround sound audio system of his 2.1 audio system.

Besides that, the ability to identify sounds based on various content makes it able to reproduce sound better. As a result, the TV is able to deliver more dramatic sound effects on action film shows and while for music shows, the singer's vocal sound will be heard more clearly.

Provision of this smart processor also makes LG TV can provide optimal audio output levels that adjust to the placement and position of the user. In addition, LG also ensures that it retains the use of Dolby Atmos technology to strengthen this new audio TV in providing more realistic audio output.