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Dipasukha Edbert, the Student from SMAK Penabur with Perfect 2019 National Exams Grade

Dipasukha Edbert, the Student from SMAK Penabur with Perfect 2019 National Exams Grade (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Dipasukha is a name obtained from his mother, and means the island of happiness. Meanwhile, Edbert means generous. When concluded, Dipasukha Edbert is expected to be "bright" and the lamp of happiness for those around him.

This was stated by Dipasukha Edbert (17), a SMAK PENABUR student who obtained a perfect score in the 2019 National Exams in Natural Sciences division. Evidently, the prayer of his name is now realized through success in alleviating education at the high school level by completing his high school education with an average national exam grade of 400.

"At first, I knew that I got a perfect score at the 2019 National Examination from my mother through WhatsApp (WA). Mama got a WA from the Principal of PENABUR Harapan Indah," Edbert said to Netralnews, Saturday (05/11/2019).

Receiving this information, Edbert admitted that he initially did not expect and almost did not believe it. Edbert even thought that the information was a hoax, so Edbert tried to find out the truth through the internet, looking for photo evidence and news from other teachers.

"When it was indeed true (getting perfect grades), I was very happy and proud. I am grateful to God I can get perfect grades," said this bespectacled man.

When he wanted to enter the exam room, Edbert admitted there was a sense of nervousness, but he realized that nervousness could affect results that were not as expected. So before entering the UN room, Edbert tried to calm down, take a deep breath, drink, take time to the toilet and make sure he was physically fit, and also prayed.

Edbert, who likes reading, said while taking the Computer-Based National Examination (UNBK), SMAK PENABUR Harapan Indah's computer facilities are very supportive. When there are obstacles it is also handled quickly by the staff, and when the test takes place, calm is maintained. The smooth running of the national examination is also supported by students who are self-aware and honest in answering questions.

"When I was working on the problem, I also did not forget to ask God for help and be thorough. So it was fitting to do the problem with full concentration," explained Edbert, who likes football, badminton and tae kwon do.

When the National Examination took place, Edbert admitted that there were no significant difficulties he faced. However, there is one of the subjects that he thinks is the most difficult, namely Indonesian. Indonesian has even become one of the most feared subjects since elementary and junior high schools, because the subjects according to Edbert are mostly subjective answers.

Therefore, Edbert anticipated with a lot of practice questions and discussions with friends. According to Edbert, the effort was effective because it could get input from friends and determine which answer was right.

Furthermore, Edbert said there was no pressure at all from parents to learn or to target good grades. Edbert acknowledged, both parents had given their full trust in him being able to manage his study time.

"My parents always told me to do the best and at the maximum, the results will be good. Do your best best, and God will do the rest," said Edbert, who likes to read.
Edbert also admitted that he was very concerned through nutritional intake through delicious and nutritious food by his parents. For example, serving Edbert's favorite food, fish. Fish is one of Edbert's favorite foods, because besides being delicious, fish is also rich in protein. Not only that, Edbert's parents were always a reminder of sufficient rest so that Edbert's body remained fit.

Long before obtaining the UN announcement, it turned out that Edbert had been accepted at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Science. To Edbert's knowledge, NUS is the number 1 university in Asia. Edbert also saw that NUS had good research results, qualified lecturers and had won various awards. Edbert has even targeted being able to collaborate with one of the lecturers who was considered able to support his dream.

In the second year while studying at NUS later, Edbert claimed to be taking specific courses in science and analytic data. The department was chosen to support the achievement of Edbert's ideals, namely as a professional and expert in the field of professional actuaries and financial planners.

"Science is a superior major in NUS and the best accreditation is, so I chose to study at NUS. Related to ideals, because I like math and statistics and computer counts," explained Edbert who will begin his education at NUS in the middle of July 2019.

Ahead of his move to Singapore, Edbert claimed not to be silent. He has designed a variety of activities that he will undergo some time soon. Some activities include live in by the school, camp/retreat by the Vihara, to composing in English.

At the end of the interview, Edbert did not forget to thank the teachers and staff of the BPK PENABUR because they have been guided since elementary, middle and high school. He also said, giving appreciation to BPK PENABUR because so far it produced high-achieving and quality students.

Edbert also advised the BPK PENABUR to continue and develop educational methods that focus on children's character. In addition, the main motto of BPK PENABUR, namely BEST (Be tought, Excel, overall, Share with society and Trust in God), continues to be remembered and implemented by students as identity.

Edbert also shared his life motto, that there are two things that cannot be postponed, namely worshiping parents and doing good. Edbert said, this motto was taken from the statement of a famous religious figure from Taiwan, Master Cheng Yen.

"In this world, humans are social beings who need each other, so that they are expected to spread positive messages and make the world better than being filled with war and hatred. The peace of the world is the dream of most people in the world. , "closed the eldest child of two brothers.