Friday, 03 April 2020 | 14:33 WIB

LG Indonesia Launch Two Flagship Home Appliances Products

LG Indonesia Launch Two Flagship Products to Enliven Eid Celebration (lg)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - PT. LG Electronics Indonesia (LG) has lanched its newest refrigerator and inverter air conditioner to the domestic market.

Jay Jang, Head of Marketing for LG Electronics Indonesia, said that being a part of the two series that became the mainstay of LG in each category, the touch of LG's uniqueness made them worthy of being chosen according to the needs of the Indonesian people to welcome Eid.

From refrigerator products, LG introduced a GC-B22FTQPL model with a capacity of 594 liters. The latest variant of the LG Black Series series refrigerators, this multi door category refrigerator has an elegant black color that characterizes the series of refrigerator inverters to accompany the ability to maintain freshness of food. While for AC inverter products, LG T12EV4 is present to strengthen the LG TWOLCOOL AC series With Watt Control whose reputation is obtained thanks to the ability to operate at four different electrical power levels.

Jay explained that the uniqueness of the GC-B22FTQPL refrigerator is easily visible from the front section of the LG Black Series refrigerator. With a span of 835mm, the LG GC-B22FTQPL, which has a large capacity of 594 liters, has a slim size compared to LG's large capacity refrigerator. At a glance the dimensions are equivalent to those commonly applied to two-door refrigerators with a capacity of around 500 liters.

The refrigerators are deliberately designed as such, according to Rumbi Simanjuntak, Head of Product Marketing at Home Appliance PT LG Electronics Indonesia, as to facilitate the interest in replacing refrigerators at home.

He said the dimensions of the refrigerator are one of the main factors that are considered by consumers in making decisions about replacing this electronic product. Whereas on the other hand, along with family growth, consumers need a larger capacity refrigerator to store family nutrition.

The dimensions of the front section are equivalent to the two-door refrigerator with a capacity below, according to Rumbi Simanjuntak, which prevents consumers from having difficulties in providing more space than before. "This is what makes it the right choice for people who have a greater need for refrigerators, without the need to have difficulty adjusting their placement again in the previously available home space," Rumbi Simanjuntak added.