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Meghan Markle Shares Tips on Keeping Body Fit after Pregnancy

Maghan Markle Shares Tips on Keeping Body Fit after Pregnancy (express)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Meghan Markle, who had given birth several months ago, has shared a few tips on looking and keeping fit after pregnancy period.

She has kept her body fit and healthy but through a healthy lifestyle. Here are five of Prince Harry's wife's healthy habits, as reported by the Indian Express:

1. Yoga

Although the Royal family did not speak to the media about their diet, Meghan was often seen holding her yoga mat. This implies that she practices yoga to live a healthy lifestyle.

In her blog, Meghan once revealed that her mother is a yoga teacher, and they like to exercise together.

2. Consumption of Green Drinks

In an interview with the Today program, Meghan spoke of her love for green drinks, and how she preferred to throw away espresso and choose kale, spinach and apple smoothies.

3. Vegan Diet

Meghan once said that she prefers to undergo a vegan diet for a week but consumes animal products over the weekend.

4. Acai consumption

In an interview with E! News, the owner of Revitalize restaurant said that Meghan often chose frozen acai fruit and served as a smoothie in a bowl. Usually on top of the smoothie, granola and banana are placed, then mixed with other fruits and guarana syrup.

5. Consumption of Vegetables

The Duchess often talks about her love for cooking as part of an effort to eat lots of vegetables. She said that the vegetable snacks she consumed included carrots as her favorite snack.