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Here is Why You Should Still Use Polaroid Camera

Here is Why You Should Still Use Polaroid Camera (tokocamera)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Unpredictability; that is the attraction of the polaroid camera in the midst of the invasion of digital cameras with all the control capabilities of the images they snap.
If you are a fan of polaroid cameras, you can practice the following tips to maximize the photos that are less good than polaroid so that the polaroid sheet is not necessarily wasted.
Natural light
The first key is the use of natural sunlight in photographing. Sunlight will make the photos better, according to Instaxgrapher and content creator Patricia Devina.

"However, the angle is definitely good," Patricia said at the launch of Instax mini LiPlay, in Jakarta some time ago.
Exploration of flash light
Each polaroid camera is equipped with a flash light feature. Usually this feature is useful when shooting in the dark. According to Patricia, flash can make the photos become more "beautiful".
"If you want more fun, play flash," he said.

The right distance for selfie
If you want a selfie, stretch your arms as far as possible so that the entire face is visible in the photo. If it's too close, it's possible that only a portion of the face will be printed on the final result.
Hold the subject close to the lens
Average polaroid photos are small, especially if you are a user of Instax, which is a mini picture. Make sure the subject of the photo is not so far that it does not show what is actually taken.
Make sure the fingers do not cover the lens or flash
This error often occurs when using a polaroid camera. So, make sure the fingers do not block the lens or flash so that the printed photo does not fail.
Choose a subject that contrasts with the background
Plain or bright backgrounds are often the choice for portrait photos. You can also look for subjects with contrasting backgrounds so that the photos are clear and good. For example, photos of colorful foods with a white background.