Monday, 14 October 2019 | 10:50 WIB

Use This Makeup Tip to Make Your Breasts Appear Larger

Use This Makeup Tip to Make Your Breasts Appear Larger (trendsandlife)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Apparently, makeup can also be used in other body parts, one of which is around the breasts.

Things that make it interesting if you do makeup around this area, it will make your breasts look bigger, full, and sexy. Of course this is very useful for women who want to appear 'perfect'.

So, how do you apply makeup to make your breasts look bigger?

As reported from PopSugar, there are at least three stages of the trick that must be done. The first is to make contouring alias to form a surface. You can use a small blush brush.

Apply contouring powder or bronzer to the cleavage up and down. For the color, choose two times darker than your skin color.

Next make a shape like the letter Y and apply the bronzer along the cleavage and the upper part of the breast. This will create the impression of a fuller breast.

The second step, use highlighting powder or cream. Apply to the upper half of the breast. You can also use one or two color concealer that is brighter than the skin.

Next, apply the part in the Y shape straight to the cleavage. Make it blend with the contour. This step will make your breasts look really stand out.

Finally, it is an effort to improve, which is tidying up the makeup lines that are still uneven. You can use a hand or loose powder to disguise the line. Interested in applying this makeup trick?