Tuesday, 26 May 2020 | 01:32 WIB

LG Set to Launch 1-Millisecond Monitor for Gaming

LG Set to Launch 1-Millisecond Monitor for Gaming (lgelectronics)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - LG Electronics (LG) has stated its readiness to immediately launch two of its newest gaming monitors.

LG is set to launch the LG NVIDIA G-SYNC UltraGear Nano IPS, which makes it special, its existence being an IPS sailing monitor with the speed of 1 millisecond (1ms) first in the world

LG In this LG UltraGear monitor being marketed in Indonesia too. LG equipped it with LG's special screen settings for the convenience of gamers.

Susanto, Head of IT Product Marketing at PT. LG Electronics Indonesia (LG), explained specifically about the arrangement of this screen, and the property of the LG UltraGear Nano IPS NVIDIA G-SYNC which became the first 1ms monitor in the world. These include Dynamic Action Sync, Black Stabilizer and Crosshair in the form of a shot in the middle of the screen to provide the best accuracy, especially in the First Person Shooter (FPS) game genre.

"These various advantages make the LG UltraGear series a dream for gamers to realize. A monitor that is ready to give victory to the game played with high image quality and complete supporting facilities, "said Susanto, in his press release on Monday (6/17/2019).