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These are the Six Shopaholics of the Zodiac Signs

These are the Six Shopaholics of the Zodiac Signs (daily)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Do you have friends who always invite you to go shopping? Or is your friend classified as a shopaholic? Or does your friend easily spend money just to buy a famous clothing brand?

Astrology says there are six zodiac signs that like to spend a lot of money shopping. The following is a list of shopaholic zodiac signs, as reported by Boldsky.


Aries who is impatient and impulsive must be on the list. They are mature enough to plan their expenses this month, implement the plan and live it. But when they see a dress that really appeals to them, they can't wait too long and want to take it as soon as possible. Even though the budget is still fixed, they change a little according to their shopping temptations.


Are your Leo friends upset today and you can't see it like that? Well, leave your debit card to them and the smile will return cheerful. Leo only likes shopping than others. While they prefer shopping for clothes compared to other accessories, they are also too brand specific.


Sagittarians do not track their expenses and rarely make a budget. As long as they have enough money to spend, they will buy the most expensive dresses, and book expensive hotels and flights. They love adventure and live it as long as possible, because money is not a big problem for them.


They like fun and charity. An adequate portion of their money goes to one of the two. Like Aries, they might also be impulsive and spend their money. They did save, but only for very important reasons. If not, they produce and only spend.


Aquarius also spend their money fast, but in investments. If they have to buy, they will buy products made with new technology. So, you can reach them if you have an initial idea. Ideas become big with their money.


Pisces also spends a lot of money. But they may not spend it on themselves. When they see their friends, relatives or even foreigners out there who need money, they will help. They end up spending their money on their friends, without expecting anything in return.