Thursday, 12 December 2019 | 13:51 WIB

2,372 Students from SMPK PENABUR Jakarta Attend Jamboree at Cibubur

2,372 Students from SMPK PENABUR Jakarta Attend Jamboree at Cibubur (netralnews)

CIBUBUR, NETRALNEWS.COM - A total of 2,372 students from SMPK PENABUR Jakarta have attended the Jamboree at the Cibubur Campground. The Jamboree is done because teenagers as the next generation have a big role in preserving Indonesian culture.

The SMPK PENABUR Jakarta Jamboree 2019 carries the theme "Embracing Diversity". There are Acehnese culture, Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta, to North Sulawesi, Papua and other parts of Indonesia that are present in the form of mini villages. The mini village is presented complete with various cultures such as traditional clothing, typical food, traditional dance, and regional arts created and exhibited by students.

Chairperson of BPK PENABUR Jakarta Antono Yuwono said that scouting activities were held not only to instill discipline, but also became a venue for socialization with peers from all SMPK PENABUR Jakarta students.

"In this era of disruption, everyone is required to have a higher level of social intelligence. Scouting plays an important role in teaching students sensitivity to social, teamwork, and strategies to achieve common goals," Antono said on Thursday (6/20/2012). 2019).

The Jamboree took place on Thursday (6/20/2019), until Friday (6/21/2019) at Camps 1 and 2 in Cibubur. Thousands of participants came from 7th grade and were accompanied by 261 teachers and 276 scout members.

The participants were taught to sharpen Scouting skills, such as panoramas, rigging, compasses, passwords, semaphores, and marching skills training. Scouting activities are carried out while learning about the unique culture of Indonesia.

Various artistic and cultural performances also enlivened the event. For example, the Village Visit activity, where students visit different villages and learn about the culture in it.

Not only in terms of culture, students are also taught to care and share with others. For example, by collecting books to donate to Science Resources Reading Park, Cidokom Village, Kopo Village, Cisarua, Bogor.

"It is hoped that Jamboree will not only train discipline, independence, and creativity, but also tolerance and concern for cultural diversity and others. Through the SMPK PENABUR Jakarta Jamboree 2019,  Indonesian teenagers are ready to embrace diversity," Antono said.