Thursday, 12 December 2019 | 13:49 WIB

SMPK PENABUR Jamboree Creates Helpful Scouts for the Future

SMPK PENABUR Jamboree Creates Helpful Scouts for the Future (netralnews)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The nuances of ondel-ondel decoration and Jali-jali song as part of the Betawi culture mini village of SMPK 4 PENABUR welcomed the visitors. The visitors who came to Betawi Village were also welcomed with special drinks and food from Indonesia's capital city Jakarta.

There is a warm red drink called beer pletok. There are also sweet black snacks called dodol. The snacks were presented by participants of the PENABUR SMPK 4 Jamboree, to introduce typical Betawi food and drinks to Jamboree participants.

In the midst of the camping tent, there are also three beautiful dancers who wear typical Betawi dancing clothes. They performed to introduce the typical Betawi dance and song, they also entertained the Jamboree participants who had just joined the Jamboree opening ceremony.

Beside the camping tent, there were also a number of participants who were showing their abilities in tying ropes, including making stretchers and three-feets. One of the activities was conducted by Nicolaas Heru (15), one of the Scout Councils at the SMPK PENABUR Jamboree Rally.

Nicolaas admitted that he had learned a lot when he joined Scouts in the SMPK PENABUR Jamboree. For example, lessons related to leadership, independence and responsibility.

"It is fun and exciting, the activities that we rarely do, as it only happens once a year. But there are many useful lessons for our future," Nicolaas said to Netralnews on Thursday (6/20/2019).

As many as 2,372 students from 17 SMPK PENABUR Jakarta schools joined the Jamboree in at the Graha Wisata Pramuka Cibubur Campground.

The SMPK PENABUR Jakarta Jamboree carries the theme of Embracing Diversity this year. Besides Betawi Culture from DKI Jakarta, there are also mini villages with Aceh Culture, Yogyakarta, to North Sulawesi, Papua and other parts of Indonesia.

The Jamboree took place on Thursday (6/20/2019), until Friday (6/21/2019) at Kempi 1 and 2 Cibubur. Thousands of participants themselves came from 7th grade and were accompanied by 261 teachers and 276 galang boards.

The participants are taught to sharpen Scouting skills, such as panoramas, rigging, compasses, passwords, semaphores, and marching skills training. Scouting activities are carried out while learning about the unique culture of Indonesia.

"I like activities of lining up the scouts the most because I had been part of the Paskibraka squad. Morse needs accuracy and listening, semaphores need memory skills," said Nicolaas, who has been a scout since elementary school.

So from that, it is not surprising that Nicolaas' parents always support Scouting activities as long as they are positive and carried out responsibly.