Saturday, 23 January 2021 | 23:34 WIB

How This Woman Turns Used Clothing into Profits for the Community

How This Woman Turns Used Clothing into Profits for the Community (limbah)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Many of the middle upper class capital city residents own clothing that are still suitable for use but have not been used anymore, causing a waste of used clothing that creates a problem later for Jakarta.

"I see it, the people of Jakarta have lots of clothes that are actually still good but rarely used, and that will be a problem, one of which causes fashion waste," said Founder and Executive Director of Sadara Sedari, Nabilah Kushaflyki.

Nabilah added, for this reason, through Sadara, she began to collect used clothes belonging to the residents of Jakarta that were suitable for use and resold to the public through used clothing bazaar programs.

Sadara Sedari is a non-profit organization engaged in education and the environment, which collects used clothing from the public and resells it to the people "online" or online and or offline (C2C).

The proceeds of the sales profits from used clothing will be channeled to meet the educational needs and the development of schools in regions in Indonesia.

"At present, from the profits, we are working again to build schools in Central Sulawesi and we have 35 foster siblings that we pay every month from the end of last year," Nabilah said.

Nabilah, an ITB environmental engineering graduate, also expects that the community members can control every time they meet their clothing needs.

"Yes, for the people, try to start buying clothes based on their needs," Nabilah said.