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Jakarta Fashion Week Expands to Tunisia

Jakarta Fashion Week Expands to Tunisia (jfw)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Jakarta Fashion Week has collaborated with a new partner from Tunisia, namely Tunis Fashion Week.

Having a joint history in 1955 during the Asia-Africa Conference, Indonesia and Tunisia are set to welcome their 60th bilateral relationship next year. Therefore, this collaboration was fully supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Tunisia, stating that the foundation fostered through the participation of Novita Yunus was a bold step to strengthen relations in the creative economy.

Through this economic and cultural diplomacy, Tunis Fashion Week is the right place to start, because it is a place where all prominent Tunisian designers and industry figures gather. This is a great opportunity to introduce Indonesia and, in the long run, to penetrate the Tunisian market.

Novita Yunus presents its newest collection on Thursday, June 13, 2019, at 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time in the The Creators' Village area, an alternative space for events and exhibitions for Tunisian and international artists, designers and creators, which was established in a 5,000 m2 area Gammarth and specially designed by the Goethe-Institut partners.

Novita Yunus is part of the Second Generation of Indonesian Fashion Forward in 2013. Starting from his love of handmade bags, Novita Yunus stepped into the fashion industry and left his job from the bank.

There are quite a lot of awards and highlights he has gotten since entering the incubation program, for example the Best Products and Mitsukoshi from the Asean Japan Center, the Cohesive Indonesian Women Award in 2014, the Ernst & Young Winning Women Award in 2014, the Australian Award scholarship in 2015 , and the Kartini Award and Galeries Lafayette Bravo Woman Award in 2016.

For Tunis Fashion Week, Novita Yunus presents its premium brand, NY By Novita Yunus, which has carved a trail of design distinctiveness through the use of ecoprint on Amazon India Fashion Week.

With the NY Indigo Macramé collection, this is the fifth time NY by Novita Yunus's label has appeared on the international stage after the Amazon India Fashion Week 2017, TOKYO 2018 Asian Fashion Meets, Sydney 2019 FOMA (Fashion of Multicultural Australia), and 2019 Vancouver Fashion Week.

Collaborating with craftsmen from Bali and Garut to supply the material used in this collection, highlights the weaving, Balinese fari cotton which is then processed using Indigo natural dyes (Indigofera), as well as silk.

The chosen silhouette is a resort style with loose pants, bolero, kaftan, light jacket, and elegant dress.

Showing new motifs, such as flamboyant flowers, while still consistently using jumping techniques and hand embroidery applications, NY by Novita Yunus also experimented with using macramé threads from unused threads and fabrics. This macramé braid was then applied to jackets, clothes and bags.

To complement the appearance of the collection, which is dominated by indigo blue, ground brown, and orange highlights, silk weaving from the Garut area is applied with machete motifs, combined with jewelry from Sumba, East Indonesia, in the form of belts, earrings and necklaces. This collection is formulated into 20 displays, consisting of 4 displays for men and 16 displays for women.