Friday, 30 October 2020 | 20:52 WIB

Here is What Vitamin D Deficiency Can Do to Your Body

Here is What Vitamin D Deficiency Can Do to Your Body (flickr)

4. Hamper brain activities and causes senile

Dementia is a disease that attacks the brain's ability associated with memory, thinking, and language. Simply put, this disease makes senile and difficult to think. Usually this condition is much experienced by the elderly, but it is not impossible to attack you who are young because of vitamin D deficiency.

A study reported in the journal Neurology, a severe vitamin D deficiency condition in adults, increases the risk of dementia aka senile up to two times.

Although not known for certain reasons, but experts associate the role of vitamin D in the brain. In the brain, vitamin D works as a 'binder' of plaque in the brain associated with dementia.

5. Increased Risk of Heart Disease

Although the main role of vitamin D is as a bone-forming, but this vitamin also affects the work of the heart. Some studies suggest that people with vitamin D deficiency are at risk of having circulatory problems until they become heart disease.

Some theories suggest that vitamin D also has a role in the work of the heart. Vitamin D that is well-filled, will help the heart pump blood more effectively. Thus, when the amount is less in the body, the risk of heart disease, especially heart failure increases.

6. Risk of male impotence

For you men, caution lack of vitamin D can cause impotence. This has been demonstrated in research conducted in America and involves as many as 3,400 men. In the study note that people who have a vitamin D amount less than 20 nanograms per ml in the blood, high risk for experiencing impotence.

Impotence can occur due to interruption of blood flow in the male penis. Experts believe that vitamin D deficiency in the body will cause problems in the bloodstream, and this time can occur in male reproductive organs.