Wednesday, 08 April 2020 | 00:08 WIB

Batam Set to Host Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019

Batam Set to Host Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 (kemenpar)

BATAM, NETRALNEWS.COM - Batam, Riau Islands, has been designated to host of the 2019 Miss Tourism Worldwide international beauty contest that will be attended by dozens of representatives and participants from various countries in the world.

Rizki Handayani, Deputy for Marketing Development at the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism, said that around 30 contestants from various countries will attend this global beauty event.

The contest, which will be held on September 22, 2019 at the Pacific Palace Hotel Batam, Riau Islands, will include many agendas such as talent shows, cultural exchanges, national costumes, and much more.

"The choice of Batam as the host of Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 is proof of the quality of Indonesian tourism which is increasingly considered to have all aspects of supporting the world class tourism element. Participants and visitors will get the best experience while on Batam. There are many destinations that can be visited in Batam and Riau Islands in general, "said Rizki Handayani.

Rizki said that Batam was able to attract large numbers of visitors. In other words, Batam has the ability to manage large-scale international events.

"We are optimistic that Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 will be successfully held in Batam. This destination has had extraordinary experience to handle major events in the class of Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019. In Batam, the holding of Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 will be more interesting. Because, Batam and Riau Islands destinations offer the best experience, "he said.

Head of the Riau Islands Tourism Office Boeralimar said that Batam's appointment as the venue for the event would bring a variety of positive impacts. Because, Miss Tourism Worldwide 2019 has the potential to become the best branding media for the tourism sector.

"This event will get great attention from the public in the world. The potential for media exposure is also extraordinary. Every detail of the participants' activities will be reported to the world," Rizki said.