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Formosa Circus Art Introduces Beauty, Harmony of Pluralism in Taiwan

Formosa Circus Art Introduces Beauty, Harmony of Pluralism in Taiwan (formosa)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The Formosa Circus Art (FOCA) from Taiwan introduces the beauty and harmony of Taiwanese society to the people of Indonesia.

This circus is a representation of the diversity of cultures and tribes in Taiwan, a form of collaboration from traditional culture, local culture, street culture and performing arts, which features modern circuses with Taiwanese characteristics.

The show in Indonesia by FOCA is the first time, and is held in Jakarta and Surabaya. In the near future, FOCA will also perform in New Delhi and Chennai, India.

The theme of the show is the title "Heart of Asia". The show combines innovative local and western elements, interspersed with songs and dances from the Minnan, Hakka and Aboriginal tribes, a form of harmony in Taiwan's pluralism.

"The show presents the cultural diversity of the Taiwanese ethnic group, combining East and West elements, tradition and innovation, so friends from Indonesia and International can see the beauty of Taiwanese performing arts," said FOCA Founder, Producer and Director Lin Chih-Wei at the conference press at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Thursday (06/27/2019).

Chih-Wei said FOCA has been established since 2011, and has performed in 20 countries and 50 cities in the world. He admitted, his team of 11 people was very happy to meet a very large Indonesian audience.

According to him, FOCA has planned its appearance in Indonesia since a year ago, and in the last six months has made special preparations for the show.

"The appearance of the Formosa Taiwan Circus introduces Taiwanese Culture through four sessions of 70 minutes without rest. Four sessions were displayed on a relay basis, without stopping," he said.

Session I will be displayed the nuances of eastern Taiwanese culture, and relate to Taiwan's geographical position. Session II is an appearance with the nuances of the Hakka Tribe, where the community has a passionate activity in picking tea leaves.

Session III will show the journey of the life of ethnic Aborigin minorities which proceeded from young to mature. The last session, namely session IV, will present the multicultural Taiwanese society.

One of the performers, Hu Chia-Hao, said he liked and loved what he did when performing. He admitted, there was no difficulty means to present the beauty of Taiwan to the audience, except for the light that sometimes was blinding.

"We (the team) look after each other, so there are no difficulties. We also enjoy food and travel in Indonesia," Chia-Hao added.