Thursday, 12 December 2019 | 13:19 WIB

Youtube Set on Facilitating Content Creators to Get more Money

Youtube Set on Facilitating Content Creators to Get more Money (socialbarrel)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - At the VidCon event in Anaheim, California, YouTube announced that it was launching more ways for video makers or often called YouTubers for fans, and to generate more income.

New features include more subscription options, additional merchandise partners, and various ways to receive tips during live broadcasts.

As reported from technobserver, YouTube's chief product officer, Neal Mohan said that direct monetization has begun to bring in money for thousands of channels.

Last year, YouTube used the event to launch new products such as channel membership, merchandise shelves, premieres and more.

This time the company has decided to expand several existing options with new features. Also, to introduce new products such as Super Stickers and Learning Playlists - which aim to promote the use of YouTube education.

Meanwhile, Super Sticker is intended to complement the existing monetization tool Super Chat.

It is known, Super Chat allows fans to pay to make their messages stand out during streaming or the premiere of YouTuber.

YouTube says Super Chat is now the No.1 revenue stream on nearly 20,000 channels, a 65 percent increase year on year. More than 90,000 channels have used Super Chat to date, with some generating more than $ 400 per minute, all thanks to these advanced features.

In addition, no less exciting, YouTube introduced Super Stickers which will be launched in the next few months. Fans will be able to buy this new animated sticker during live broadcasts and premieres to show creators how much they like their content.

The idea for this super sticker (maybe) was inspired by the game site Twitch's Bits emotes and cheermotes. It also brings animated stickers to chat as a way to support video makers.

Super YouTube stickers will definitely have a different look and feel. Certainly, it will be offered in various languages ​​and categories including games, fashion, beauty, sports, music, food and more.

Last year on VidCon, YouTube also introduced Channel Membership which is an extension of the "Sponsorship" model that resembles the previous Twitch.

Here fans can pay for subscriptions to get access to special features related to favorite channels.

Currently, fans can choose to pay for a Channel Membership subscription of $ 4.99 to get unique badges, new emojis, and other special facilities such as access to exclusive live streaming, additional videos or shouts.

But on a recent program, YouTube introduced changes that were mostly asked for membership: namely levels.

However, level makers will prepare five different price points for membership, each with their own allowance. This feature has been tested by selected YouTubers including Fine Brothers Entertainment on their REACT channel.

The result was surprising, YouTube's membership channel revenues increased 6x after they launched two more expensive price levels. Not forgetting to mention, the Merch company shelf feature was also launched last year on VidCon.