Saturday, 25 January 2020 | 13:22 WIB

Principal of TKK Penabur Kota Wisata Wins Prestigious National Competition

Sri Lestari, Spd, MM, School Principal of TKK PENABUR Kota Wisata (penabur)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sri Lestari, Spd, MM, School Principal of TKK PENABUR Kota Wisata, has won first place as the Head of the Kindergarten Achievement at the National Level. Ms. Lestari, her nickname, was chosen to be the Champion of the 2019 National Achievement and Dedicated Teachers and Education Personnel organized by the GTK Directorate General of the Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture.

She the struggle to participate in the the tiered competition began in June to August 2019, starting from the District, Province, and then to advance to the national selection round. In the series of selection stages, Lestari had to go through various tests such as administration, academic tests, competency tests, psychological tests, interview tests, as well as program exposure.

After becoming one of the 34 representatives of each province, Lestari confidently presented the best practices before the jury and other participants. The best practice presented is 3D’sE, an acronym for Discover, Design, Do, and Evaluate.

"At the time, the presentation was more about how to explain what we (principals) do at school, how was the process, the strategy, and the objectives. Then we explained it with concrete evidence, with supporting data," Lestari said to Netralnews on Tuesday (8/20/2019).

Lestari said the 3D's E best practice is able to build creative and innovative learning. Sometimes when directly entering into learning, it is the task of the teacher, but a school principal has the task of how to foster the teachers so that the program is actually implemented.

In addition to the program, Lestari also has a strategy of inviting teachers to implement the program, namely through program socialization, training and mentoring on a daily basis. Simulations are carried out not only in front of the teachers, but also in front of parents when a meeting is held.

"In front of the parents of students, we also do simulations, so parents know how their children will be taught in class, then the learning will take place. After mentoring we will supervise, evaluate, and follow up strategies," she explained.

Through this very long series, Lestari finally succeeded in winning 1st place in the 2019 GTK Achievement and Dedicated National Level organized by the Directorate General of GTK at the Ministry of Education.

Joy of Being a Teacher and Educational Personnel

Lestari admitted that she has been an unsung hero since 1992, and joined BPK PENABUR in 1995. She was then entrusted to lead as school principal in 2007, and fell in love with a world of children who are full of concentration and trust in teachers, so she thinks teachers must not make mistakes in the eyes of their students.

"They (the students) are focused, and they are always there who are new and attract our attention. They are not only funny, but their enthusiasm for learning is also very good.

Lestari said her shool longed and was sure that the school's students would become successful when the educators gave something that had the expected value. In addition, if Christian students are certain there are also spiritual values ​​based on the Bible that are fostered in guiding and directing students well.

All of these efforts were made because she realized that the teachers were the spearhead of education. Lestari said the curriculum can change, government policies can change, but teachers will continue to be the ones engaging directly with students.

For example, when the government changed the curriculum, the government wants superior human resources as proclaimed on the 74th Indonesian Independence Day, teachers are faced with these demands and how students look to the future. Therefore teachers are responsible to students who are entrusted by parents, and how to hone students to be better, because if the teacher spearheads, then students are future human resources.

"Give them [students] an opportunity to explore, give them an opportunity to develop their ideas, and give them an opportunity to collaborate with their friends so that how they will appreciate the work of friends and have direct experience that is not just memorization," Lestari added.

Education in Indonesia and BPK PENABUR are Moving Forward

At the end of the interview, Lestari also hopes that education in Indonesia will progress because Indonesia is an extraordinary country, with the potential of enthusiastic teachers and students. These students will become the future, if the teacher builds a sturdy development then Lestari is sure that in the future Indonesia and PENABUR will be more prosperous, and the society will also become prosperous.

"My life's motto is simple: process does not betray the results. So whatever it is, however, turn right, turn left, when we do that with enthusiasm with all our strength, the results will be good," she said optimistically.