Wednesday, 26 February 2020 | 16:41 WIB

BPK Penabur Presents International Juries at 2019 PICF

BPK PENABUR Jakarta Education Division Head Etiwati (bpkpenabur)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - BPK PENABUR has once again held the Jakarta PENABUR International Choir Festival (PICF) for the fourth time. This biennial event takes place on 3-7 September, 2019, at SPK PENABUR Kelapa Gading, Jakarta.

The total number of choir teams participating in PICF 2019 reach 152 choir teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, and Vietnam. The total number of participants taking part in the race stands at 6,100 participants with a total prize of tens of millions of rupiah.

BPK PENABUR Jakarta Education Division Head Etiwati said the PICF has presented the jury from abroad, totaling 12 people from 10 countries.

Ten judges from abroad include Aivis Greters from Latvia, Tom T Shelton Jr. from the United States, Bengt Ollen from Sweden, Johnny Ku from Taiwan, Foong Hak Luen from Singapore, John A Pamintuan from the Philippines, Ko Matsushita from Japan, Innesa Bodyako from Japan Belarus, Dr. Bienvenido from the Philippines, Soundarie David R from Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, two jurors from Indonesia are Herman Sinapa and Aris Sudibyo.

"The reason we brought juries from abroad is that the participants get experience from quality people. They (jurors) are experts in their fields, so we hope the choir teams can take lessons," Eti said to Netralnews, on the sidelines of the PICF on Wednesday (4/9/2019).

In addition to the competition, to improve the quality of the choir in Indonesia, PICF 2019 also conducts Workshop, Choir Clinic and Meet the Juries led by several judges.

"In the workshop, international experts who are professionals and masters in their fields, are invited to educate trainers in Indonesia. We also do not want to present judges who do not have good experience, in addition to making the choir perform joyfully and the process is appreciated," Eti explained.

Eti explained, there were 11 categories competed, namely four main categories according to Kindergarten school level of 10 participants, Primary School of 21 participants, Junior High School of 17 participants, Senior High School of 20 participants, and the general category of Children Choir of 16 participants .

There are also Mixed Youth Choir categories for 14 participants, Mixed Choir for 15 participants, Folklore for 31 participants, Gospel and Spiritual for 11 participants, Musica Sacra for 24 participants, and Chamber Choir for 8 participants.

"BPK PENABUR is an educational institution from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, so we hold a choir competition based on education levels. In addition, we also accommodate choirs who do not represent the school but also join the choir club," she explained.

Eti said, each level of education from BPK PENABUR sent each of the eight choir representatives. Despite being the host, representatives of the BPK PENABUR choir in PCIF also made selections in January 2019, and 32 teams were selected.