Wednesday, 26 February 2020 | 16:51 WIB

BSD City Hosts Free Fire Asia Invitational International Tournament

BSD City Hosts Free Fire Asia Invitational International Tournament (special)

TANGERANG, NETRALNEWS.COM - BSD City, in collaboration with Garena Indonesia, is holding the grand final of the 2019 Free Fire Asia Invitationals (FFAI) international tournament at ICE BSD City.

The tournament brings together 13 of the best Free Fire teams from all across Asia, including Indonesia, Thailand, Chinese Taipei, Vietnam, India, Singapore, Malaysia, and Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The teams compete to win a total of US $50,000 in cash (equivalent to IDR713 million) ).

The esports industry is becoming a global phenomenon, and is also developing very rapidly in Indonesia. Sinar Mas Land also supports this prestigious online game tournament.

Irawan Harahap, Project Leader of Digital Hub at Sinar Mas Land, said: "The development of exports in Indonesia is extraordinary, and we are very proud to be able to host this prestigious online game competition. Online games are popular among Indonesian young people, and can be a means of positive activities in using digital technology. To produce a stronger digital ecosystem, Sinar Mas Land supports various events or esports tournaments, especially those held in BSD City. Not only that, we also have dedicated a special area of ​​support for the development of esports in Indonesia as a place for gathering the digital community, the Digital Hub. "

Indonesia is chosen as the host due to the high enthusiasm of the Garena Free Fire esport community in the country, which gave birth to various achievements ranging from the Indonesian Team that won the 2019 Free Fire World Cup tournament to the 2019 Free Fire Summer League (FFSL) tournament which became the Battle Royale esports tournament with YouTube's largest audience in Indonesia, namely 240,000 viewers at the same time (concurrent viewers).

The Indonesian team is represented by RRQ Poseidon, EVOS ROAR and ISLAND OF GODS, which are the top three teams from the 2019 Free Fire Summer League tournament.

When asked about the preparation, RRQ Poseidon Manager Cintia Florentina explained: "In addition to more serious training, we also apply quality over quantity training. Instead of the players training all the time like a robot but the players don't learn anything, I often make a training schedule once in a while but with clear goals and results. With thisl they can learn the causes of the mistakes they make during training to avoid or overcome these mistakes. After seeing the team play in the 2019 FFSL tournament yesterday, I also believe that RRQ Poseidon can win again. "

As a team that succeeded in making Indonesia proud when it won the previous international tournament, the 2019 Free Fire World Cup, EVOS ROAR has also begun to train more seriously.

"Even though we will meet with several teams with better skills and competitive spirits like the Thailand Team, we remain optimistic that we can bring Indonesia back in the international tournament this time. For reference, during training the players watch all the other 12 teams that will compete in FFAI 2019. So when they meet later in the match, they are not surprised and can read the opponent's playing style to develop a better strategy, "said EVOS ROAR Manager Kristiawan Eko Susilo.

Specially welcoming the 2019 Free Fire Asia Invitational, Garena Indonesia distributes Elite Gunslinger FREE Passes for all players. Simply by logging into the game for 11 days from now until 10 September, you can already have an EP Badge and EP Card for Gunslingers.

Not only is Elite Pass free, Garena also prepares various in-game events that can be followed on August 30-September 7, such as the collection of Token Mark of Flames and Snow Badge which can be exchanged for various attractive prizes. Survivors can also support the champion team by following the Indonesian Team Special Mission event which can be accessed from the 2019 FFAI website in the game.

Free Fire is a Survival Game with the Battle Royal genre where there are 50 players who are stranded on a desert island, and knock each other out. The game is developed and released by Garena, and is available on iOS and Android. Free Fire has been the number 1 mobile game in 22 countries since January 14, 2018.