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Sorake Beach Hosts Nias Pro International Surfing Competition

Sorake Beach Hosts Nias Pro International Surfing Competition (kemenpar)

NIAS, NETRALNEWS.COM - The international surfing championship or Nias Pro International Surfing at Sorake Beach, South Nias, North Sumatra, presents the attraction of one of the best right-hand waves in the world that is most sought after by surfers.

To feel the sensation of surfing on the big right waves on this beach is not easy. The surfers must first paddle surfboards to the middle of the sea from the beach.

Sitting while watching the waves come is a common activity on this beach. The Sorake Beach wave will start rising from the middle and then move to the right until it reaches the shoreline.

Tipi Jabrik, Indonesia's Representative of the World Surf League (WSL), said that the potential of waves in Nias is like a gold mine that will never run out if it continues to be preserved. Moreover, Sorake has one of the best right waves in the world that surfers are looking for.

"Nias has one of the best right handers in the world, its height can be up to 4 meters, then there is another G-Land in Banyuwangi that is also a left hander. Both of these places are tourism potentials that must be developed, because the waves in Nias are like gold mines, the potential for the welfare of the community is huge, "Tipi Jabrik said at Sorake Beach, Saturday (09/14/2019).

Tipi, one of the best surfers in Indonesia, recognizes the potential of marine tourism from surfing is huge. When compared to other types of sport tourism, surfing has a direct impact on society, and the positive effect is very significant.

"When compared to the international bicycle sports championship in Indonesia, surfing has the most significant direct impact on the community. During the event, their spending was quite large. They stayed for 10 days and spent an average of 100 dollars per day. After a surfing match like this in Nias, there are still many surfers who will come back here, "he said.

He also encouraged the central or regional government to jointly explore the potential of marine tourism, especially for sports surfing. In addition, investment to develop surfing in Indonesia is also minimal or nonexistent.

"The waves are already here, tourists come to remote areas of Indonesia as long as there are waves. For this reason, the regional or central government must choose the right time to hold this international surfing sporting event," Tipi said.

On the same occasion, the Deputy Assistant for the Development of Area Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism Dessy Ruhati added, Nias Pro International Surfing, which became a series of Sail Nias events, had to be seriously supported because of the large potential for marine tourism in it.

"This championship is really very prestigious, because the athletes come from various countries and stay here long. And this event must be seriously supported by other tourism stakeholders, "said Dessy.

Nias Pro International Surfing was participated by 102 male participants and 24 female participants from 15 countries. The participants were divided into two categories, namely Men Qualifying Series (QS) 3000 and Women Qualifying Series (QS) 1000.

Nias Pro International Surfing will take place until 15 September 2019. Participants will compete for a total prize of US$ 80,000.