Tuesday, 09 March 2021 | 04:06 WIB

Teenage Women Close to Their Mothers are Less Likely to be Promiscuous

Teenage Women Close to Their Mothers are Less Likely to be Promiscuous

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Adolescent girls who have emotional closeness with their mothers have 44 percent lower likelihood of having sexual intercourse during adolescence. They are also more aware about reproductive health and have low risk doing risky sexual behavior.

Thus the results of research which was conducted at the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, against 2,931 adolescents aged 12 to 16 years.

"The higher the quality of relationship between a daughter and her mother, protection against sexual activity in this age will be increasingly higher. Unfortunately this only applies to girls, not the boys,” said researcher Dr Raquel Nogueira e Silva, as cited from Sahabat Keluarga at the Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture.

The results of study explained young women who had sex as a teenager were known to have a bad relationship with both parents. This also applies to adolescent boys, where most do not have good control of their parents.

Researchers speculated that closeness to mothers makes adolescent girls have better information about reproductive health. Mothers also can provide education about reproductive health in a different way from what children obtained in schools.

"Having a warm relationship, frequent discussion and not easily punish a child does not mean you are weak as parents. Instead it makes children less likely to have sex,” Lucia O’Sullivan from the University of New Brunswick, Canada, explained.