Wednesday, 08 July 2020 | 17:39 WIB

Here are The Secrets on Why Balinese Women are Attractive

Here are The Secrets on Why Balinese Women are Attractive (pixabay)

DENPASAR, NETRALNEWS.COM - Bali is an island that is rich with cultural heritages. The island is known for traditional crafts and its women.

Although some are already contaminated by foreign cultures, but most Balinese women  can retain their pure charms. Reasons for the appeals are:

1. They use simple cosmetics.

Cosmetics and make-up are a must for women, but smart ones use natural make-ups that suited their characteristics. Balinese women use simple and light make-ups to boost their attractiveness.

What is more important is their skill in matching the make-up and their characteristics, to be one with nature. Their parents always teach them about to be in harmony with the nature.

2. Wear suitable clothes.

Balinese women know what to wear in any occasions, hence avoiding under- or overdress situation. They always look nice and never boring.

3. Rich in cultural heritage.

Balinese people are taught and trained on ancestral norms and traditions. As a result, Balinese women also know how to keep their feeling to their friends and families.

4. Valuing relationship and loving family without condition.

Most Balinese people belief in caste. If the caste is equal, then Balinese couples will try their best to be together for life.