Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 13:54 WIB

Parents Need to Become Child’s Discussion Partner to Prevent Drug Abuse

Parents Need to Become Child’s Discussion Partner to Prevent Drug Abuse (maxpixel)

GORONTALO, NETRALNEWS.COM – Abdul Haris Pakaya, Head of Bone Bolango office of the National Narcotics Agency, said that appropriate parenting will become a cornerstone of defense in preventing the trafficking and abuse of drugs among children and teenagers.

He said the tendency for children and teenagers to use drugs cannot be separated by the role and responsibility of parents.

“The negative influence from the environment on children can be neutralized by parents by putting forwards the principles of honesty, openness, and compassion, thus enabling the child to be able to communicate without fear with their parents,” Abdul Haris said.  

He said parents have an important role in preventing drug abuse by being caregiver, supervisor, educator, discussion partner, a place to seek questions, and as the main facility for a child’s development. 

“These roles will affect on the parenting pattern of children. In a authoritative and democratic parenting pattern, parents must provide sufficient freedom to their children, albeit within the limits of clear behavioral standards,” he said.

He added that children will always mimic what their parents do. A parent’s authoritarian style of parenting will affect the child’s behavior. This also goes for excessive compassion of parents for their children. 

Meanwhile, drugs counselor and expert Mulyati Imran urges parents to take active roles in the prevention and eradication of illegal drugs and narcotics.

Mulyati said that there is still hope to save the nation’s next generation if parents are brave and active in taking a role in early prevention efforts.