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The Three Types of Relationships Romantic Couples Must Know

The Three Types of Relationships Romantic Couples Must Know (pixnio)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Life is never separated from the ties of romance, especially for you who are still unmarried or single. When discussing the matter of romance, there of course many things and an interesting points of views that can be discussed.

However, before starting to establish a romantic relationship, it helps to know in advance the types of love relationships. This is important so that later your romance will not run aground in the middle of the road. And the following are the reviews of three types of romantic relationships, as reported by yourtango.

1. Happy Relationships

The first is a happy relationship. The sings include feeling that all the needs are met, and the couple is very considerate, and responsive to always make you feel safe and comfortable. In addition, you even feel an intimate emotional connection so there is no doubt to express your feelings.

2. Trapped Relationships

Hhhmmm .... The second kind of relationship is a trapped relationship. In this type of romantic relationship, you may feel unresponsive to become a more independent person and not dependent on others. Plus, you and your partner feel equally unprepared to move with further commitment.

3. Failed Relationships

And the third kind of romance is a failed relationship. In a relationship like this, the couple does not meet the needs consistently, so you will find another way. In addition, while undergoing this love relationship, you always wonder if the couple really love you, and it is precisely this that makes your partner leave.

So, which love relationship are you in?