Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 15:25 WIB

More Than Half of Teenagers are Not Too Concerned about Privacy

More Than Half of Teenagers are Not Too Concerned about Privacy (flickr)

JAKARTA, NETRLNEWS.COM - Many teenagers or young people now no longer have worries on their privacy, and are happy to share their existence through social media.

Andrei Mochola, Head of Business and Consumer at Kaspersky Lab, said young people are easy to indulge in privacy, such as sharing personal and sensitive photos with others through social media, based on research conducted by the global cyber security firm Kaspersky Lab.

As many as 61 percent of young people aged 16-24 admitted to sharing personal photos, while only 38 percent of people aged over 55 years who claimed to do so. "Sharing personal data with other people and companies is a very dangerous habit if left unchecked," said Andrei.

According to him, the pattern of information sharing also extends to financial details. Based on the research, two out of five young people share their financial and payment details, in which 42 percent are aged 16-24 years, while aged over 55 years make up 27 percent.

In majority, the study showed 93 percent of users share information digitally, 70 percent of which share photos and videos of their children, and 45 percent share sensitive personal videos and photos to others.

Nearly half or 44 percent of Internet users make their data publicly accessible, but once data goes into the public domain, the data can be shared widely even beyond the control of the owner.

One in five Internet users recognize that they share sensitive data with people they do not know well and with strangers, thus limiting their ability to control how their sensitive data is used.

As a result, users expose themselves to identity theft or financial attacks by sharing financial details and payments, passport scans, driver licenses, and other personal documents or passwords.

In fact, one in ten users share a PIN to access their device with a stranger, and one in five users let their devices unlock and not be watched while in a group of people.

Furthermore, almost a quarter of users give their devices to others to use for some time.

"While it is completely unrealistic to expect Internet users to stop sharing photos, personal information and other information with each other, we encourage users to think twice," Andrei added.