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These Traditional Games are Believed to be able to Summon Spirits

These Traditional Games are Believed to be able to Summon Spirits (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Unlike children today, maybe we still know the traditional games we used to play as children, such as hide and seek, congklak, jump rope, and others. Traditional games are inherited from generation to generation, before they are eroded modern games such as Play Station, Xbox, and other video games based on Android or iOS.

However, did you know that there are some traditional games in Indonesia that are able to summon spirits? Dare you try those games?

Below are the traditional games that supposedly can summon spirits.

1. Jelangkung

This game is believed to call the spirits. This game uses a water scoop doll as media. The doll is made of coconut shells and wooden sticks. Then at the bottom of the doll is tied with a pencil or pen. Under the pencil or pen is also placed a piece of paper.

Then once ready, the spell was pronounced, "Jelangkung, jelangkung, di sini ada pesta kecil-kecilan, datang tak dijemput, pulang tak diantar (Jelangkung, jelangkung, there is a small party here, come invited, leave without company).”

If the doll moves by itself, then you can ask the doll and automatically jelangkung will write the answer on paper.

2. Ghost Cabinet

Calling the spirits can also use a closet that aims to meet the spirits. This game is done by preparing a dark cupboard and matches. Then the person who will play into the closet with match sticks and say the following sentence, "Show me the light or leave me in the dark."

If the person hears a whisper, the person then immediately lights a match turned on. But if that person is having trouble lighting a match, it's a sign of a spirit that is pulling darkness and trying to make it hard to light up the matches.

This game if you want to end must be careful because the cabinets are already occupied by the invisible beings.

3. Ouija Board

The game is actually not original from Indonesia, but the influence of Western culture. The game was introduced to Indonesia during the Dutch colonial era. Initially a millionaire then taught it to his helpers, who then helped him teach it also to his son. Until now Ouija is famous until now in Indonesia

To perform this game there are some necessary materials, such as Ouija board, dim lights, coins or coins, small glasses, red candles, and boards, tables, or papers.

This game is not recommended to be done inside the house, because it will affect the residents of the house. It would be better to play in an uninhabited home.

To begin with, this game is done by placing a coin on a board that has been given Ouija symbols right in the middle. Then a candle that had been lit was placed next to the board.

To summon spirits or spirits in order to enter and participate in the game, there is a spirit-summoning spell that should be pronounced, "Spirit, spirit of the coin. Spirit, spirit of the coin. Spirit, spirit of the coin. Please come out and play with us! "

The mantra is read while sticking the index finger on the coin while moving slowly. The spell can be read over and over until the coming of the spirit is felt. Usually marked with coins start to feel heavy when moved

4. Playing Hide and Seek with Ghosts

This one game is not recommended to try, this game comes from East Java, precisely the Lawang area. This game is very easy to do, where the participants must have 4 people, and one person is selected to close the eyes. Before this mantra game is spoken,

"Sing pengen melu aku, yo melu wae, anak jin opo anak setan, nek pengen melu, melu wae, yo dolanan petak umpet.

After the spell is read, do the game hide and seek as usual. Just wait, it is said will appear the fifth person who will participate in game hide and seek.

The most scary aspect of this game is that the fifth person will look similar to the other hide and seek players.