Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 15:40 WIB

The Shape of Your Butt May Define Your Personality

The Shape of Your Butt May Define Your Personality (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Just imagine, from the shape of the nail to your teeth, a person's personality can be defined. However, it turns out the shape of the butt can also show your personality.

These are the traits that help us understand a person by just looking at their physical or facial characteristics. So keep reading to get to know more about how the shape of the butt can reveal the details of a person's personality, as quoted from Boldsky.

Square Shaped

This person is mostly said to have a lazy personality. The square shape will also show you some other things. It also means that even though this person likes to exercise, they still does not have a hard ass. And they need a lot of exercise to change their body shape and when their ass forms change, so do their personality.


It is believed that people who have a round buttock will have a good health condition. Regardless, it also means that these people have positive energy around them and make the atmosphere around them light. Their presence enlightens things around.


Most people want to have a buttock shape like this. The reason, this buttocks are considered as the best form of the buttocks. People with this buttocks are said to be intellectuals and are said to be wearing their feelings on their shirts. They always appear boldly and do not hesitate to express their thoughts.


Buttocks with a shape like this are usually owned by parents. With age, experience also increases. People with this ass shape are known as 'old wine in a new bottle'. They are problem solvers and always ready with solutions. They are also known as peacemakers.


People with the shape of a butt like this are said to be too focused around their daily life. Family is very important for these people. They simply focus on their goals, more chances of success.