Tuesday, 29 September 2020 | 20:51 WIB

UKI Introduces Digital Campus and Internationalization at Jakarta Campus Update

UKI Introduces Digital Campus and Internationalization at Jakarta Campus Update (uki)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Universitas Kristen Indonesia (UKI) has introduced itself as a Digital and International Campus at the Study Program Expo and Digital Promo in the Jakarta Campus Update. The event is part of  the 14th Jakarta Higher Education Week as Prospects for Jakarta Higher Education Governance 2020-2024.

Liswiyanti Damora, Head of Marketing at UKI, said the Jakarta Campus Update was the first Education Fair attended by UKI in 2020.

"UKI has been established for 66 years, and is still showing its existence. We introduce UKI as a digital campus and Go International program," she said to Netralnews.com on the sidelines of the event at the Exhibition Hall-Smesco Indonesia Building, on Wednesday (01/22/2020).

Liswi said the digitalization of UKI was shown by the digital learning process and various programs to facilitate the continuation of lectures. The include the use of smart cards, academic information system using applications, e-certificates of student activities, and interesting learning processes by lecturers.

"In terms of internationalization, UKI has an International Affairs Office, and has cooperated with several countries, especially ASEAN countries. The cooperation includes student exchanges, and we will soon open international classes," Liswi explained.

Furthermore, Liswi said there were various interesting programs offered by UKI in the Jakarta Campus Update, such as scholarships and discounts. One of the promoted scholarships is the Full Scholarship. This scholarship is intended for students who have above average abilities both in the academic and non-academic fields.

"The Full Scholarship can be obtained for prospective students whose report card in semesters 1 to 5 in high school get an average grade of at least 8.0. If non-academic, for example prospective students are national athletes. Then there is a test and interview process," she explained.

She continued that there are eight faculties at UKI, including Teaching and Education Faculty, Literature Faculty, Economics and Business Faculty, Law Faculty, Engineering Faculty, Medical Faculty, Social and Political Sciences, and Vocational Faculty. There are three majors that are favorites of prospective UKI students. These are the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, especially International Relations.

Faculty of Law

UKI has student organizations that support extra-curricular activities such as Reason (Seminars, Study Groups), Interests and Talents (Sports), as well as Arts (Choirs, Vocal Groups). In addition, the faculty has student activity units, namely Student Fellowship, Student Scientific Discussion Forum, Himapala C'Mara Buana Nature and Environment Group, Persemu (aoot Court), "Gema" Student Press, Student Voice, and many others. Various supporting facilities are available, such as a legal aid center, a legal laboratory, a legal research center, and have worked together in the field of advocacy with the Indonesia National Police (Polri), with the study program of Law Science (S1).

Faculty of Medicine

One of the advantages of UKI Faculty of Medicine (UK) is the adequate facilities, such as a lab skills room equipped with medical mannequins, and medical facilities such as physical examination, emergency, ENT, eye, surgery, and also anatomy laboratories, amphitheater lecture rooms, flat lecture rooms, libraries and computer labs . FK UKI also has a teaching hospital (RSU UKI) located around the campus, and has collaborated with 17 hospitals in Jakarta and outside Jakarta. The study program offered in this faculty is Medical Education (S1).

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

This faculty supports teaching and learning activities with qualified S2, S3 and professors graduating from domestic and abroad, complete facilities such as communication laboratories/mini radio studios, IHI (International Relations) Laboratory, ASEAN Corner and IAS study institutions ( Institute of ASEAN Studies) in collaboration with CESFAS (Center of Security and Foreign Affairs Studies). The faculty also has clubs for English, Photography, Nature and Environment, Sports, Spirituality, as well as Study Excursions at home and abroad. Theory and practice of International Protocol & Procedures, Diplomatic Practice. The faculty also offers complete Diplomatic English so students are able to interact internationally, as well as collaborate with state universities, government institutions, Jakarta's United Nations Information Center (UNIC), Indonesian ICWA (Indonesian Council on World Affairs), international institutions and relevant international business people. The study programs at this faculty are International Relations (S1), Communication Science (S1), and Political Science (S1).

Various information regarding the admission of new UKI prospective students can also be accessed through www.uki.ac.id, as well as various social media such as Facebook: pmb_uki, Twitter: Kampus_uki, Instagram: uki_1953.