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Olive Oil: Myths and Facts

Olive Oil: Myths and Facts (pixabay)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - If you want to improve liver health and regulate sugar levels and increase vitamins and antioxidants in the body, then olive oil is the right choice to help people lead a healthy life. Recent studies say that olive oil can also help prevent brain cancer and reduce cholesterol levels.

However, due to lack of knowledge of the benefits of olive oil, some are reluctant to use olive oil in daily life. There are myths and facts circulating related to the use of olive oil, as quoted from Zee News:

Myth 1: If olive oil hardened or frozen in the refrigerator then that means 100 percent original and of high quality.

Fact: Some oil will be frozen if placed in the refrigerator. Some others do not. But that does not mean it ensures the authenticity of olive oil. The best quality is checked through taste and smell. The best authenticity is tested in laboratories equipped with good facilities.

Myth 2: A very green color shows high quality olive oil.

Fact: Color is not an indicator of oil quality. Quality olive oil is not a generic product. There are factors that affect olive oil quality, such as olive varieties, growing conditions and home country create variability in oil color, from pale yellow to dark green, including how quickly oil will freeze in the refrigerator.

Myth 3: Heat reduces the benefits of olive oil. So it's best to use extra virgin olive oil "raw" or straight from the container.

Fact: Sense can change when heated, but the health benefits remain. You can cook food with all kinds of olive oil without losing health benefits because the smoke point is higher than most other cooking oils.

The point of smoke is a combustion process that has a height of flame without causing smoke or a certain height that makes the oil smoke.

Myth 4: Olive oil can not be used for cooking, frying and sauteing.

Fact: You can cook with olive oil. Here the answer lies in understanding the value of olive oil. In India, one can certainly find three levels of virgin olive oil that is extra virgin class / pure and extra light and lastly pomace which is a chemically extracted olive oil variant.

The difference lies in the taste, smell and smoke point. Extra virgin olive oil has a strong taste of olives and low smoke points because of cold pressing. Pure olive oil is obtained from olive oil distillation so the smoke point is high but has olive flavor, so it can be heated and used for cooking pizza, pasta, sautéing vegetables and others. Finally, pomace has a neutral/olive-flavored taste and is used for cooking/frying daily in Indian kitchens.