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Five Ways to Teach Children to Save Money

Five Ways to Teach Children to Save Money (flickr)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - There is no age limit as to when to start teaching children how to save money. All can be done gradually according to the age of the child.

However, psychologist Indri Savitri, M.Psi said that before the child is introduced to the concept of saving money, children should be introduced about the concept of frugality itself early on.

The basis of the introduction of the concept of saving in children by Indri is the child needs to have self-control. The child must understand that there is a limit to everything.

This can be done when the child is given the rules and assertiveness of what may be obtained. This concept is to bridge the concept of money.

If this is not instilled in the child from childhood then in great times he does not understand what the meaning of restraint, and if want something should be obeyed otherwise he will rampage. Well, here are five ways to teach your child to save money:

1. Make Priorities

The most important basis in teaching children to save is communication. Encourage the child to prioritize communicating to parents through dialogue before buying something.

Encourage the child to discuss what they needs, and how much they need it. In children over 4-5 years can already be invited to dialogue for what goods they will buy, for what purpose, and needs.

"If we help him awaken how much he needs with the object, we can help him to determine which is more important to buy," explained Indri.

2. Compile a List

If you have a monthly shopping habit, invite the child to compile a shopping list. This can be applied to children who can already read. You can confiscate your child to read the shopping list. Ask him to remember just three, the children will usually remember the list related to him.

Then, if what is listed is fulfilled all we invite him to pay and go home. "Parents should not even look around for other items not on the list, and buy unplanned items,” Indri said.

3. Giving Reward

Parents like to give money or toys as a form of their attention. But do not make it as a habit. Let the child learn that to get it must go through his own effort.

4. Parent as a Role Model

To keep in mind of parents must be a good example in running a life saver. Do not let the child be told to save money, but their parents shopp for items that are not necessary every day. Children always follow the examples set by their parents.

Then, make the house as well as a home that is efficient in energy use and should be very visible application. In saving parents, the father and mother should always be compact in making frugality as a habit.

5. Saving

In introducing the concept of money in children should be in the context of saving not for snacks. Understanding the money for school children here is small money such as children given IDR500 or IDR1,000, then collected in a week, then he can get what, or for example in celebration of the feast day is usually the child gets the money, and saved.

If a small child who has not understood the nominal can be taught by entering small money to the piggy bank