Monday, 08 March 2021 | 12:43 WIB

These Zodiac Signs are More Prone to Getting Sick, Including Coronavirus

These Zodiac Signs are More Prone to Getting Sick, Including Coronavirus (zodiak)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has caused the government and even the world to forbid its citizens from going outside their homes.

However, there are some characteristics of the zodiac signs that have an adventurous spirit and often feel curious to do something, including traveling long distances. This makes them more vulnerable to picking up diseases.

As reported from The Shonest, the following zodiac signs are susceptible to getting diseases during travel, and there is a possibility of exposure to COVID-19.

1.Cancer, Vulnerable Stress that Impacts Health

Cancer does have a tendency to become stressed because Cancers are sensitive people. This also happens when they are deciding something. Feelings are used as the basis of a decision for a Cancer.

Therefore, when they make a wrong decision, Cancer will continue to think about it and become stressed. Not to mention, the tendency of Cancer to rarely eat vegetables and fruit. This situation makes Cancer vulnerable to digestion-related diseases. Don't forget to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and fruits.

2. Taurus, Likes Traveling So Much They Forget That They Can also Get Sick

When it comes to traveling and exploring new places, Taurus is indeed a champion. Taurus does have a hobby of tracing adrenaline and challenging things.

Taurus people experience exciting things while shouting out and cheering with friends. No wonder, this habit actually makes Taurus often gets sore or rasp throat. Dear Taurus, drink less ice and fried foods!

3. Scorpio, Insecure and Overthinking Causes Stress

Scorpios are known as thinkers, and they will think about anything and everything. The funny thing is, habits like this make them feel uncomfortable and overthinking to themselves. They are even afraid that what they think actually comes true.

Only because of this, Scorpio is stressful due to its overthinking. Everyone knows that illness can arise at any time when stress comes. Maybe, Scorpio should reduce the overthinking to stay healthy. Plus you can have a healthy diet, such as the ketogenic diet, to avoid disease.

4. Aries, When Prestige Can Cause Pain for Themselves

Prestige is sometimes something that is typical of an Aries. Sometimes, Aries often takes jobs that they are hesitant to do. They did it because they don't want to be labeled as people who can't do anything.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for Aries to become stressed out by themselves, which leads to them getting sick. Well, for Aries, try reducing the feeling of pride and prestige. Undoubtedly, you will always be healthy.