Friday, 10 July 2020 | 17:54 WIB

Indonesian Actress Andrea Dian Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Indonesian Actress Andrea Dian Tests Positive for Coronavirus (liputan6)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian actress Andrea Dian Indria Sari, also known as Andrea Dian, has tested positive for coronavirus or Covid-19.

The positive test was conveyed by Andrea through her Instagram account.

"I have tested positive for Covid-19," Andrea said, as quoted by

Andrea, the wife of Ganindra Bimo, says she does not feel ashamed ashamed to admit that she was infected, as she wanted everyone who had recently interacted with her to carry out checks as quickly as possible so that the government can handle them before they are severe. 

She also recommends that they immediately take the precaution to prevent transmission as early as possible by isolating themselves first.

"Through this message, I want the people closest to me that I care about, and the people who had come in contact with me, to be aware and take precautions before the virus spreads. Don't worry, I'm okay," Andrea wrote.

Andrea Dian is the second Indonesian artist who was tested positive for the coronavirus. Indonesian actor Detri Warmanto has also been tested positive for covid-19.