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Mount Ceremai: Will You Find the Jaran Goyang Love Mantra Here?

Jaran Goyang Love Mantra Here? />
Mount Ceremai: Will You Find the Jaran Goyang Love Mantra Here? (wikimedia)

CIREBON, NETRALNEWS.COM - Mount Ceremai holds a lot of secrets. The mountain, which is administratively located in Cirebon, Kuningan, and Majalengka, is believed to be the residence of the Wali or guardians of this country. Thus, the mountain is believed to be very sacred.

The belief that the mountain is the gathering place of the Wali, so then the mountain is named Ceremai, which comes from the word "Pencereman" which means "Negotiation" or Deliberation of the Wali.

Mount Ceremai, or often called Ciremai, is 3,078 meters tall. It is also listed as the highest mountain in West Java. In addition to having large geothermal content, this mountain also has an enchanting beauty, especially with its rich abundant flora and fauna.

Behind the beauty of it, Ceremai also holds a lot of mystery, myths, and mystical legends attached to the surrounding community. Some of these stories include the story of Sunan Gunung Jati’s travels in Ceremai, and the legend of Nini Pelet. The myth of of Nini Pelet in Ceremai has long been the story told by community around the mountain.

It is said that according to legend, Mount Ciremai is the throne of Nini Pelet’s kingdom. According to Masruri in his book titled: Rahasia Pelet (Secret of Pelet), Nini Pelet is a woman with great power, especially in romance. She is said to have stolen the book called Mantra Asmara (Love Mantra), a book created by a powerful shaman named Ki Buyut Mangun Tapa.

One of the mantras written in Ki Buyut Mangun Tapa’s book is the mantra called Jaran Goyang, which is known to be powerful and potent in binding the opposite sex. Uniquely, the mantra is still studied by most people, especially paranormals.

Meanwhile, Ki Buyut Mangun Tapa, the creator of Jaran Goyang, was buried in Mangun Jaya Village, Karang Jaya Block, Indramayu, West Java. People around his grave believe that a ghost tiger often appear in the area. The tigers are believed to be the pets of Ki Buyut Mangun Tapa. That said, the tiger often appears at midnight, especially Friday Kliwon and Tuesday Legi nights.

The story of Nini Pelet and Ki Buyut Mangun Tapa became popular when the story was made into a series of radio plays that raised the story of Nini Pelet from Mount Ceremai in the 80s.

That story is also broadcasted on television. And the audience of the soap operate titled Nini Pelet has never diminished.