Thursday, 01 October 2020 | 20:42 WIB

Indonesian RnB Legend Glenn Fredly Passes Away Aged 44

Indonesian RnB Legend Glenn Fredly Passes Away Aged 44 (grid)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Indonesian top RnB musician Glenn Fredly has passed away on Wednesday (04/08/2020) at the age of 44. The sad news was conveyed by his close friend, Tompi.

Glenn's sudden death was very surprising, as there were never any news about him being seriously ill. The Indonesian music industry has clearly lost one of the best musicians in the country. Glenn Fredly has colored a lot of music developments in Indonesia through his musical works.

As a solo singer, the Maluku-born singer had launched 10 albums since the first album titled Glenn in 1998. Three years before launching his first album, Glenn was performing with the Funk Section group band.

It was during the stint with the group band that Glenn first started his music career. His second album, titled Kembali, was launched in 2000. On this album, several of Glenn's songs became hits including Salam Salam Sahabat and Kasih Putih.

Glenn's musical stardom further increased when he released his third album titled Selamat Pagi, Dunia! in 2003. On the album there is a song called Januari which went booming and was popular with the public.

Since then, his name has always been included in major concerts in Indonesia. These major concerts include the Tribute for Chrisye at the Java Jazz Festival 2009, "Salute to Koes Plus/Brothers" composed by Erwin Gutawa, and also Tribute to Ian Antono by singing the song Rumah Kita with Indonesia Voices.

His distinctive soft voice can enchant the ears of music lovers in Indonesia. Bored with the solo singer's career, Glenn again tried his luck by forming the vocal group Trio Lestari with Tompi and Sandy Sandhoro.

Glenn also launched his own music label called Musik Bagus, which has produced several new musicians, namely Yura Yunita, Gilbert Pohan, and Tiara Degrasia. In 2017, one of Glenn's agendas was to launch Tiara's first album under the Musik Bagus label.

In addition, Glenn Fredly also worked as an actor on the big screen. He played a role as an antagonist in a controversial film titled Tanda Tanya under the production house of Indonesian director Hanung Bramantyo.

His love for the film world is proven by his courage to become a producer of the films Cahaya Dari TimurFilosofi Kopi, and Surat dari Praha. Goodbye Glenn, your works will always be remembered in the hearts of Indonesians everywhere.