Thursday, 06 May 2021 | 03:50 WIB

This Wallet Uses Smart Anti-Theft Technology

This Wallet Uses Smart Anti-Theft Technology (pexels)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Do you often get your wallet stolen when in public transport or in crowded places? Do not be afraid, Armenia Volterman has recently launched a smart wallet that brings security to the extreme.

This wallet is equipped with an in-built alarm system, a global GPS tracker, and a front-facing camera that takes a photo of anyone who tries to open it, and sends it to its owner.

Although the wallet appears obsolete in the digital era, but the Volterman Smart Wallet, the name of the wallet, is not just any wallet.

This wallet brings as much technology as your smartphone, including 512MB RAM, built-in camera, power bank, GPS tracker, alarm system, RFID protection and even Wi-FI hotspot capabilities. It may look like a simple leather wallet on the outside, but this is a wonderfully smart wallet inside.

One of the main features of the Volterman Smart Wallet is its remote sensitivity alarm system. Once you have paired a stylish card holder with your smartphone, whenever the distance between the phone and the wallet passes a certain threshold, the alarm will notify you.

The cool thing about this system is the way it works both ways. If you forget your phone somewhere, the wallet alarm goes off, letting you know that your smartphone is gone.

Then there's a global GPS tracker that lets you find wallets anywhere in the world, an RFID protection system designed to prevent electronic retraction or RFID skimming.

As is it known, credit cards, some passports and driving licenses now come with radio frequency identification chips that can be cloned thieves, but the Volterman Smart Wallet prevents it.

High-tech accessories also come with a built-in power bank (2,000mAh to 5,000mAh capacity) that provides wireless on-the-go charging, Bluetooth 5.0 technology and WiFi Hotspot built-in, which provides Internet roaming services in 98 countries. With a price 10 times lower than the existing roaming standard.

But perhaps the most unusual feature of the Volterman Smart Wallet is the front-facing camera. When in "Lost Mode", the wallet will be photographed every time someone tries to open it and sends it to the owner connected to the internet. This feature is listed as an option, so potential customers who worry about privacy issues do not worry.

"If someone dares to open your wallet without your knowledge, the little camera will take a picture and send it to your phone," said Azat Tovmasyan, founder of Volterman.

"We have developed a wallet, which does not go astray, once your wallet is stolen, you will easily find it by receiving a photograph of the thief."

Volterman has just started a campaign for smart purses, at Indiegogo services. They are collecting $ 45,000 thousand dollars. However, 6 days remaining until the end of the sales campaign, Volterman has reaped more than $ 696,000 from more than 4,800 buyers, according to Oddity.